I’ve posted this once already. However, the studio version of this song will be on MTV’s Finding Carter tonight. I have not released the studio version to stream or download yet, but, you can watch/hear the acoustic version of the tune and download it on my SOUNDCLOUD page if you’d like!



Kapil Bhagat’s portraits.

There is something very satisfying about these.

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In case you had forgotten.

True, true.


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This is gonna be a blast! See you soon LA. Sept. 2. My band and I are on at 8pm.


I’ve been busy the past couple months writing (and sometimes recording) a new group of songs. I thought I’d try this one out on you guys!

Here’s a quick one take video of one of these new songs, We Were Golden. Piano accompaniment and live audio recording by Bobby Campbell (As seen by the back of his head.)

Hope you enjoy it! More to come soon.



Tomato Art Festival is right around the corner and we have all the details you need to know! 

Tomorrow night at The Crying Wolf Tomato King & Queen Costume Concert will begin! This event will be hosted by Apple Road, with a performance by Heavy Sole. Each King & Queen winner will be able to  win $200 each ($20 to enter). Bring tons of friends with you, the bigger the crowd response the more likely you will win. 

Friday night at five points will be the first-ever Friday night Tomato Art Fest Concert.

Friday Schedule: 

—First Tennessee Main Stage—

(Beyond The Edge Parking Lot)

7pm - Buffalo Rodeo

8pm - Majestico 

930pm - Chancellor Warhol

Saturday starting at 9am, the infamous parade will begin with the East Nashville Magnet High School Band will play and Half Brass Band leading the parade.

Saturday concert schedule: 

—First Tennessee Main Stage—

(Beyond The Edge Parking Lot)

Parade 9am - 10:00 AM Half Brass Band

11:00 AM The Beech Benders (first band on stage)

12:00 PM The Kimberly Wolff Band

1:00 PM Jeffrey James

2:00 PM Andrew Leahey and the Homestead

3:00 PM Stephen Salyers

4:00 PM Fanny’s House of Music - Youth Artists

5:00 PM Gardening, Not Architecture

6:00 PM Marquee Mayfield

7:00 PM Kink Ador

8:30 PM - 10:00 PM ELEL

—Edley’s Second Stage— 

10:00 AM Justin Lee Darling

11:00 AM Korby Lenker

12:00 PM The Enablers

1:00 PM Churchyard

2:00 PM The Two Tones

3:00 PM Release the Kid

4:00 PM The Decadence

5:00 PM The Cunning

6:00 PM Richard DuBois

— 3rd stage at a the Zeitlin Realtors Contest and Announcement Stage —

3PM -  Shri Shri Huck

— 4th Stage Muddy Roots Stage —

10AM - Glade City Rounders

12PM - Rachel Kate

2 PM - Joshua Black Wilkins

4 PM - Richie Owens & The Farm Bureau

— Fanny’s House of Music Front Porch —

10:00 AM The Johannas

11:00 AM Farmer and Adele

12:00 PM Ashleigh Caudill

1 PM Nick Woods

2 PM Johnny Campbell and the Bluegrass Drifters

3 PM Colin O’Brien

4 PM The Shelby Bottom String Band

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Julia Cameron on how to get out of your own way and unblock the “spiritual electricity” of creative flow – a timelessly wonderful read from 1992

Love this.

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Tuesday night! You can hear my song, Carry You, on MTV’s Finding Carter. Tune in with me!


Balcony TV just posted my most recent performance on their show! Check out this stripped down performance of I’m Wide Awake featuring some background vocals from the lovely Miss Holley Maher and Miss Maye Thomas (left to right).

This is my fourth time on Balcony TV. If you dig deep enough in the Balcony TV website (by searching my name) you will find a time capsule of how I have progressed musically  and stylistically throughout the past 5 years. It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s also part of the history that led me to where I am now. We all gotta start somewhere. Right?


Playing this great fest on Aug. 9th at 1pm. See you there!